Important: This article only applies to customers who have purchased DIY- Website Builder after January 2020.

When you purchased the DIY Website Builder package, you had the option to use an existing domain name or obtain a new one with the builder. You’ll need to check to see if you purchased a new domain when buying the website builder, or if you chose to use an existing one with a current registrar. 

If the domain you purchased is with, then this will likely require additional support. Please contact the Domains team at 1-800-862-8921.

If you are using an existing domain name, please follow these steps:
1. The builder did attempt to publish the site, but you will need to update the DNS with the Registrar/Company where it was originally purchased.

Note: Updating the DNS (Domain Name Server) will allow your domain/URL to be connected with the website builder.

2. Where did you purchase your domain from?

  • If Results are returned, the company name that appears after “Registrar” and/or the domain after ‘URL’ is the company you registered your domain with. Contact them for further assistance with updating your DNS.
Important: The new name server addresses you will need to update the DNS to is: