Important: This article applies to customers with standard domains.

When a domain expires, you may be given up to a 30-day grace period to recover your domain. A reinstatement fee will be applied to any domains that are renewed after their expiration date in addition to the renewal fee. Failure to renew your domain name before the grace period ends will result in the release of the domain back to the Registry and may enter a 30 day hold period referred to as Redemption Period. 

If your domain name has reached Redemption Period, you will need to contact Customer Support to initiate a Redemption recovery. This includes much higher fee to recover the domain name and return it back to your account from the Registry. Redemption fees can be costly, but unless you redeem your domain, it will no longer be available to you and can be resold to another individual or organization.

To prevent additional fees or the loss of your domain name, we recommend that you set your domain(s) to auto-renew so that your domain(s) automatically renew prior to its expiration date. This ensures that if there is an issue with processing the renewal, there is adequate time to attempt to address the situation to prevent any negative impacts to your product(s) caused by missing a renewal date.