SSL Certificates are available for up to a five-year term. This allows customers to purchase multi-year agreements, saving them money on their SSL certificates.


 Important:  Due to changes in industry regulations in September 2020, customers will still need to validate their certificates annually, even if they purchase an increased term. Failure to reissue a certificate annually will cause the browser to flag their site as 'Not Secure,' warning visitors that their site is unprotected.


Q: How should we explain SSL Subscriptions to our customers? 

A: "Purchasing a multi-year Subscription SSL allows you to obtain continuous certificate coverage while saving money and time. For security reasons, your certificate will be issued with a maximum of 398 days of validity. Before its validity period ends, you will need to re-issue the certificate. You will not be billed for certificate reissuances within the term.”


Q: What is the benefit of purchasing a multi-year SSL if I must reissue it yearly?

A: "You'll save money – as we offer discounts – and time, as you will not have to reevaluate your certificate needs every year."


Q: Can a customer view when their certificate is expired? 

A: “Yes. An SSL’s expiration can be seen in the Account Manager and in the SSL Control Panel.”


Q: Does the customer reissue/re-validate, or will we do it for them?

A: “Customers will need to take action to re-issue and re-validate their SSL certificate if they are NOT hosted with Please refer to the following articles:



Q: Will there be a notification sent to customers of upcoming renewals/reissue?

A: “Reminder emails will be sent to customers as the end of the one-year validity period approaches. In addition, notifications will be sent when it is time to renew the subscription.”