Desktop set up - Apple Mail

  1. 1. On your computer, open Apple Mail and click “Mail” in the upper left corner. (If you have never set up Apple Mail before now, the “add your email account” process will begin automatically).
  2. 2. In the drop down, click “Add Account”.

  1. 3. Click “Exchange” and then “Continue” on the bottom right. 

  1. 4. Enter your name, Office 365 email address, password, and then click “Sign In”.

  1. 5. Click “Sign In” again to confirm Microsoft can locate your account information and email address.

  1. 6. The Microsoft 365 login screen will appear. Re-enter your Office 365 email and password again, then click “Sign In”.

Note: You may be asked to grant permission to Office 365 when you log in. Click the “Consent on behalf of your organization” box and then “Accept” to continue.

  1. 7. You will be asked to select the apps you want to use with this account (This can be edited at any point in the future). Click “Done” 

  1. 8. In a few moments your account will be displayed and your emails will begin to load.  

You can visit Microsoft’s support center if you have any more questions about this process: