Since MySQL deprecated the command to modify database name, there are the steps to produce the same behavior:

IMPORTANT: PHPMyAdmin has an option to rename a database, however what it does is only create a db with new name, and drop the old db, without transferring content over. Don't use PHPMyAdmin rename database option if you don't want to loose your information.

  1. 1. Navigate to Databases UI. Click on "more actions" icon in the database you want to rename, then click on "Database Admin". This will open a new window with PHPMyAdmin:

  1. 2. Once we are in PHPMyAdmin, you click on "Export". Select "SQL" as export type and then click on "Go" button located at the bottom right of the window:

  1. 3. Once the dump finishes, you will see a new file downloading in your browser: 

  1. 4. Navigate to HCP and create a new database:

  1. 5. Once the database is created, click on "more actions" button and then on "Database Admin":


  1. 6. It will open a PHPMyAdmin window. Once there, click on "Import" button and select the file downloaded from step #3:


  1. 7. Database import will happen in the new database:


  1. 8. Check if the tables are in the new database:

  1. 9. Navigate to HCP, then to Databases. Click Delete button (trash icon) on the old database: