Our Megamail email platform can set up a mailbox to automatically forward all messages recieved to five different email addresses. This us useful if: 

  • You want to use one mailbox to receive correspondence and have multiple users able to receive these messages or
  • You wish to send email to another email box as an archive or back up. 

Follow these instructions on how to set up email forwarding:

  1. 1. Log into Webmail by visiting mail.yourdomainname.ext. Enter your username and password for your mailbox, and then click the Login button.

Note: Substitute your actual domain for your yourdomainname.ext. For your example,

  1. 2. In the upper right corner of your Webmail application, click the Gear button. Then click Settings
  2. 3. Click My Account and click on the Forwarding.
  3. 4. Once toggled on you can add the mailbox you wish to forward mail to and if you want to keep a copy in the mailbox select Save local copy. You have enabled email forwarding for your mailbox. 
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