Example of this question

The client is interested in using a different domain for their site. They either don't like our domain or want to choose a domain that's better branded for their business.

Standard response

Can I ask what you want to change about your existing domain?

OK, I can understand the desire to use another domain name. I’m happy to discuss the options you have…

Client Wants Vanity Domain or change domain to include different serving area or service

Client Wants to Use Own Domain

Not a problem, we do have the option to change this one to a domain of your choice. (Yodle & LH Products - There’s just a one-time fee of $199 to complete this switch. / LBW Product - NO FEE TO SWITCH)

In order to use a domain you already own we'll need you to update the setting with your hosting provider so that we can publish our leadsite on that domain.

Keep in mind that since you are paying for hosting through a different provider if you ever discontinue paying for your hosting service that will significantly impact the performance of your account with us since your website will come down. So if we are going to use your domain it's important that you commit to keeping your domain running as long as you have an account with us. Does that work?

First, do you have an email address associated with this domain? (for example,

If yes…

If No…

Since we don’t want your email to break we won’t be able to make your website ‘secure’. This means that organic rankings will be significantly impacted. I’d highly suggest we use our domain. What do you think?

If client still wants to use their own domain instruct them to…

Change A Records to

  • for CMS 2
  • for CMS 3+

Great, all you will need to do is change the DNS settings on your domain to...

Change DNS Records to or

Once you've updated those settings reach back out to us and I can ensure we publish our leadsite on your domain.