When does a lead’s status change to “In Progress?”

The "In Progress" status is an important one. When a lead is set to “In Progress” a welcome email will be sent out on the agent's behalf. The In progress status can be set in a few ways:

  • Manually by the agent in the lead dashboard or lead detail
  • If an agent is sent a lead accept or pass email and they click on accept, the status will automatically be changed to In Progress

What is a Partial Lead?

  • Partial leads only come from seller squeeze pages. Leads are partial if they provide a physical address but nothing else. 

Which leads appear in the “Show All” tab?

  • All leads that come into the system will be under the “Show all” tab; this includes hidden leads, pinned leads, on fire, etc.

Which leads appear in the “Lead Inbox” tab?

  • Leads that are not “hidden” will be under the “Lead inbox” tab.

Which leads appear in the “New Leads” tab?

  • Leads that have the status of "New" will appear in the "New Leads" tab.

Which leads appear in the “On Fire” tab?

  • Our “On Fire” tab will include leads that meet these 3 criteria “Active last 72 hours”, “Good email” and “Good phone number.”

Which leads appear in the “Pinned Leads” tab?

  • Pinned leads can be another way of sorting out your dashboard and working with the just the top priorities. These leads become manually pinned you by clicking the on the lead dashboard.

What are touches?

  • Touches are any activities that you conduct yourself in regards to communicating with your lead. Touches consist of logging a call, sending an email or sending a text message.  System generated emails; drip campaign emails or text messages are not considered touches.

What does the In Communication button do for a lead?

  • If a lead is not marked as "in communication" but looks at an email you send, we can send you a notification to let you know the lead is warming up.  

How does a lead move to In Communication?

  • If you log a successful call or receive an email or text reply, the lead will move to "in communication".

What does the small circle above the In Communication button in the leads dashboard mean?

  • If it is green, that means that they are on the site right now.

When a lead registers, is there any initial contact from the system on my behalf?

  • Upon registration the welcome email (including login and password for the site) is sent.
  • Upon registration an SMS/Text intro message from the agent is sent.
  • 24 hrs after registration (the next morning) the system will add a saved search alert based on the leads search behavior if possible (i.e. if their searches we not too small, or too large).

How does a lead move to the “Awaiting Response” Tab in the lead dashboard?

  • If you've connected your email account and we detect that an email was sent to you from a prospect but you haven't responded, we'll move the lead in to this bucket.  This allows you to quickly identify the most important leads to contact.   

How do I make calls through the dashboard?

  • Dialing functionality is device-based.  If you have a default dialer connected to your computer, you will be able to make calls simply by clicking in the portal.

How long will "reminders" show on a lead's record?

  • The log of reminders for an individual lead will always be visible under the Show All tab when you click the reminders clock.  

What will show up under the "Notifications" dropdown at the top of my dashboard?

  • The Notifications section is used to show any open reminders you still have.  This ensures you're completing all your reminders as quickly as possible.
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