1. What time of day do Drip Campaign Emails get sent out?  

  • Drip campaigns start sending at 8:30 am EST

2. Can I send multiple emails and texts in a day as part of a drip campaign?    

  • No, only one email and one SMS message can be sent per day. If more than 1 SMS or emails are scheduled, one will be sent of each, and then the others will be queued until next  week.

3. Can I apply a group of leads to drip campaigns by tag? For example: open house   

  • No. Currently you cannot assign bulk actions to a selection of leads like this.

4. What happens if I delete a drip campaign and there are leads still in the campaign? Will they continue along the series?   

  • Those leads would be removed from the campaign. The lead does still show that the drip campaign is there though in case they want to switch the user to a new campaign.

5. How do the automatic drip campaign triggers work?     

  • The triggers are set up based on the page the user registers on. If they register on a listing for sale, they'll go on the Buyer campaign. If they register on a listing for rent, they'll go on the Renter campaign. If they register on the seller squeeze page, they'll go on the Seller campaign.  

6. What actions will pause, or suspend a drip campaign series? 

  • Manually pausing the campaign through the portal.

  • Having a lead respond by email or text to a drip campaign message they receive. 

  1. In both of these instances, the campaign will be paused and we'll send out a notification to the agent that it's been paused.

7. Will a drip campaign pause if I manually call or email a lead?      

  • No. A drip campaign will only pause as a result of the client texting or emailing in reply to a drip campaign message they receive. 

8. Can I preview a Community drip campaign before importing it to my list?

  • No. Currently you must import the campaign first to view the messages. 

9. Can I add a lead to multiple drip campaigns?  

  • Each client is only eligible to receive one drip campaign at a time. If you're interested in multiple campaigns, you can simply create one larger campaign that houses both of your desired message campaigns.  

10. What happens to future emails/texts that are scheduled to send if I edit an email/text in the campaign?       

  • Those changes will be reflected in future messages that are part of the campaign.  

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