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Domains expire for many reasons, mainly because the registrant does not pay the renewal fee or has simply lost the domain. If your domain has expired, click the appropriate category and follow the instructions:

Domains without Automatic Renewal

Domains that were not set to automatically renew will expire if they are not renewed when you contacted customer service. Click here to learn how to renew your domain.

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Domains with Automatic Renewal

Domains that are set to automatically renew can expire if the renewal payment fails to be processed due to a problem with the assigned payment method. If your domain has expired, refer to What Is Automatic Renewal? and find the failed payment or billing communication for your domain's brand.

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Domains Eligible for the Redemption Process

Domains within 30 days of expiration may be recoverable through the Redemption process. Contact customer support to initiate this process; redemption fees apply.

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