Important: This article applies to customers only.

If you already have a Facebook Business Page, will use it as part of your Local Business Listings service.

Granting Access to Your Facebook Business Page

If or Local Business Listings requests access to your Facebook Business Page, then please follow these steps to accept the request:

1. Click here to sign into your Facebook account.

2. Go to Notifications and click the admin request.

3. If you are unable to locate's admin request, then please visit your Facebook Business Page and click Settings, then click Page Roles.

4. In the Pending Partner Requests section, click the Respond to Request button.

5. Click Give (or Local Business Listings) access to my Page.

6. Click the Approve Request button.

7. Click Submit, then click Save.

You have made an admin of your Facebook Business Page.


Contacting Customer Support

Do you have a general question about your Local Business Listings service?

Please contact Customer Support at 1-800-757-6861  Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. ET.