Certificate Authorities (CAs) can no longer issue a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate where the certificate has a three-year value range.

This article addresses your key questions:

Why will Network Solutions,, and stop issuing three-year term SSL certificates?

This is an industry-wide directive which affects all certificate authorities. In accordance with the CA/Browser Forum Baseline Requirements, effective March 1, 2018, Certificate Authorities (CAs) will no longer be able to issue SSL Certificates with a validity period longer than 36 months. 

When will the two-year maximum term limitation for SSL certificates take effect?

March 1, 2018, the two-year maximum term limitation takes effect. 

Are Network Solutions,, and the only certificate authorities to stop issuing three-year term SSL certificates?

No, the requirement applies to every CA. If a certificate is issued after March 1, 2018 with a validity period of greater than 36 months, then the issuing CA will be in breach of the requirements.

What if I already paid for a three-year term SSL certificate? Does that purchase get honored? 

Yes. If you purchased the certificate before March 1, 2018, then nothing will change. Your 3 year cert will remain valid for its full lifetime. If you decide to replace this certificate after March 1, 2018, or it comes up for renewal, then the new guidelines come into effect. 

Does the two-year maximum term limitation apply to all SSL certificate types?

Yes, the two-year maximum term applies to all website certificate types. Extended Validation (EV) certificates have a maximum duration of two years anyway, so they are already compliant. 

Note: The certificate types include single domain, wildcard, Extended Validation and UCC/MDC.

How do I request a re-issue, renewal, or replacement of a three-year term SSL certificate after March 1, 2018?

Since the SSL certificate will no longer be available for a three-year term, our customer support team can help you determine the best solution for your security needs. When your initial, 36-month certificate is nearing expiration, then please call our customer support team at these numbers:

  • Network Solutions customers, please call 1-866-908-3442
  • customers, please call 1-866-455-1655
  • customers, please call 1-800-862-8921


Network Solutions is a registered Certificate Authority. and SSL Certificates are issued and guaranteed by Comodo.