Search engine optimization (SEO) keywords are the keyword phrases within your website copy that make it possible for people to find your website when searching for businesses like yours.

Three different types of keyword phrases include:

  • Long-Tail Keyword Phrases
  • Conversational (Voice Search) Keyword Phrases
  • Transactional Keyword Phrases

Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

As people become more and more familiar with Google, and voice search technology continues to increase in popularity, potential customers are much more accustomed to typing in longer-tail keyword phrases.

Use keywords that are at least three words in length. A few examples of long-tail keywords include:

  • Concrete driveway repair companies near Brooklyn, NY
  • Adoption lawyer in Boston, MA

Conversational Keyword Phrases

Typically, people using "voice search" technology are searching early in the buying cycle while still doing their research.

Conversational keyword phrases are usually longer-tail keyword phrases. Keywords may include words like:

  • How, where, what, when
  • Reviews
  • Best/top


  • Best fast food restaurant
  • Where is the nearest gas station?
  • What questions should I ask the plumber?

Transactional Keyword Phrases

Transactional keyword phrases are used by people who know what they're looking for and are typically highly specific - usually for those further along in the buying cycle.

Selecting the Best Keywords

Choose a mix of long-tail keywords with either Conversational and/or Transactional Keyword Phrases and current rankings in mind. Take off keywords on your list that don't fit with:

  • The website’s core focus and categories
  • The products/services you want to target
  • The target audience
  • The locations you want to target