Why Is SEO Important to My Website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of using keywords and phrases about your business to appear first in online search results. SEO is your way of advertising your business on the internet through your website.

In order to be effective, your SEO keywords should be specific and relevant to the content that a visitor would find when coming to your website page. The more relevant your words are to the content on your site, the higher your pages will rank within the search engines.

Where Do I Add SEO Keywords and Details?

You can add SEO details to two places on your website:

  • Your images
  • Your website pages

SEO Content Tips

Here are some basic tips on creating applicable SEO content for your website:

  • Keywords that you add to one image or website page do not automatically get added to all other images and pages--you must add SEO keywords to each image and page.
  • In selecting keywords, always consider the searcher’s intent and use a keyword research tool to help you with the word selection. Check out Google's reputable Keyword Research Tool.
  • Use a relevant title tag (Page Title) for each page between 50-70 characters--this will show up on the browser when a visitor comes to your website.
  • Use meta description tags (Description) that accurately describe what your page is about. Descriptions should be at about 155 characters or less for best results.
  • Use search engine accessible text on your website that enforces your keywords and descriptions.
  • Give your images descriptive ALT tags (Description) and file names (Title). Not only will the search engines use these tags, but screen readers will too, which aid people with disabilities.