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The importance of online customer reviews is increasing as more people turn to social platforms to learn about the quality of a business' products and services.

Here is what online reviews can do:

  • Increase SEO and online visibility
  • Improve reputation and trustworthiness
  • Let you know how your customers are feeling

Taking a proactive approach to reviews can not only net you an increased number of reviews, but can also help you engage with your customers.

Here are a few strategies that you can use to increase customer reviews:

Point of Sale

At no other time do you have the most control than when you are face to face with your customer. Once a purchase has been made, ask your customer to leave a review. Provide them with instructions on where and how they can write a review. Use this opportunity to identify customers who have had a positive experience, who are more likely to leave a review.

If you are an online business, then you can follow up with a post-sale email and ask the customer to leave a review.

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If a customer has had a good experience, then ask them to leave a review that reflects their sentiment. Thank them for taking the time to share their experience and let them know their opinion is valued.

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Mass Communication

If you connect with your customer base through emails, newsletters, social media, or other methods, ask them to leave a review. Not everyone will leave a review, but it will allow you to maximize the amount of people you reach in one effort.

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Provide links to submit a review on all of your social media platforms, websites, and emails. One of the easiest actions someone can take is to click a link. When you make the process easier for the customer, then you increase your chances that someone will follow through and leave a review.

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Social Media

A great way to reach your customers is through social media. Since most people have social media accounts, then leaving a review should be no problem. Social media allows you to foster a positive relationship with your customers. This can create a positive attitude towards your business and increase the likelihood someone will leave a review.

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The easier you are to find online, the better your chances someone will leave a review. Many platforms pull reviews from other locations. For example, Google can show your review rating from your Facebook page. Bing can show reviews from your Yelp page.

Reviews on one platform may increase your review presence on another. Make sure you have a business page on popular websites to increase your presence.

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Contacting Customer Support

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