Important: This article applies to customers only.

If you receive a negative or a neutral, impartial review about your business it can be scary because you aren't sure if it will impact the reputation of your business. When you are notified of a customer's negative feedback, you may be tempted to defend yourself.

Do not react, take a step back, and see the big picture.

The Truth About Negative Reviews

A negative review may not be a true indicator of the status of your business. However, not responding or responding in an aggressive way can quickly escalate the situation.

It is important to take the time, although not too much time, to gather your response. Try to be as empathetic with the customer as possible. Formulate a thoughtful, public response to turn your customer's negative review and your experience into a positive one.

Tips on How to Deal with Negative Reviews

Here are a few tips to take a negative review and turn things around:

  1. 1. Draft a response that is specific to the customer’s concerns.
  2. 2. Apologize, even if the customer's accusations are unfounded. Offer to make the situation right.
  3. 3. Thank the customer for their feedback.
  4. 4. Let them know that their specific concern has been resolved.
  5. 5. Offer them a discount for their next visit or service.

Contacting Customer Support

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