Important: This article applies to® customers only. 

Positive reviews can be a great indicator that your business is running smoothly and your customers are happy. When someone reviews your business online and has great things to say, that can be a pat on the back.

Never underestimate how important it is to respond to these positive reviews, which can be beneficial to you and your customers in several ways.

  • Use the review to your benefit 
    Share the review to allow other customers and potential customers to have a better chance of seeing it. Word of mouth can be one of the best ways to gain new customers.

  • Respond and say thank you 
    Do not assume that because the review isn't negative that you should not respond. The customer took the time to compliment your business. In return, take the time to reach out publicly and say thank you. Other potential customers may notice this attention to detail.

  • Communicate with your customer base 
    If you notice positive reviews come in without having to solicit them, it may be a good idea to proactively connect with your network base and ask that they review your business publicly.