Important: This article applies to® customers only. 


In order for your website’s visitor traffic information to appear on your Scorecard, we need to have access to your Google Analytics account. The information helps us measure how your SEO is performing.

Note: Providing us access only pertains to you if we did not design and host your website. If we did, your account should already be linked.

Click the type of Google Account that you have, and then we'll help you drive traffic to your Scorecard:

I have an active Google Analytics account

Add us as a user on your existing Google Analytics account and your website’s traffic information will appear in your Scorecard. 

Adding us as a user

Here’s how to get started to add us as a user to your Google Analytics account:

1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.

2. Click Admin, then click User Management.

3. Select Add Users

4. On the Enter email address line, enter this email address:

5. Select Edit as the Permissions type.

6. Select Notify this user by email to notify us that we now have access.

7. Click Add.

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I do not have a Google Analytics account

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, then you can set one up here. Just follow Google’s step-by-step instructions and then choose one of the options above to provide us access to your account.

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I cannot provide access to my Google Analytics account

If you are unable to provide us access to your Google Analytics account, that is no problem. You’ll still be able to track your keyword rankings through your Scorecard, watching them improve over time. Just keep in mind the chart that would normally display your website’s visitor traffic will remain blank.

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