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An email filter is a type of rule that evaluates your incoming email messages and then, based on several criteria, automatically routes your emails into different folders. When you have fil-ters set up, you can manage your incoming messages more effectively.

For example, for any incoming emails that contain "Work" in the subject line, you can create an email filter that automatically routes these emails into a specific folder.

The basic components of an email filter are selecting the rules, the actions to apply to your emails, and also in which folder the email will get placed.

How Do I Create a New Email Filter?

Follow these steps to learn how to set up a new filter, which will automatically route your incoming emails to a folder of your choice:

  1. 1. On the Main toolbar, click the Settings drop-down arrow and select the Settings option.
  2. 2. In the Settings | Filters panel, click the New Filter button:
  3. 3. In the Filter Description field, enter the type of filter that you are creating.
  4. 4. Select the Enable this rule check box .
  5. 5. To set up the type of rules to apply to the filter, follow these steps:
    • Click the first drop-down arrow, and select the area of the email message, which is part of the filter criteria.
    • Click the second drop-down arrow, and select the parameter.
    • In the text field, enter the appropriate wording.
  6. Note: You can add as many rules as you need for the filter.

  7. 6. Next, you will need to set up the location of where the messages will get routed:
    • Click the first drop-down arrow, select the action to apply to the email messages. You can have your email messages moved, copied, forwarded, deleted, or flagged.
    • Click the second drop-down, and select the folder where the incoming email messages will get placed.
  8. Note: You can add more than one action to the email filter.

  9. 8. Click the Save Changes button.
  10. 9. Click the Close icon.
  11. You have set up your message filters.