You can access and use many different Google services with your own Google account, such as Google My Business, Gmail, YouTube, and more.

Follow these steps to create your Google account:

1. On the Google account sign-in page, click Create Account. Then, select the type of Google account you want to create.

Create Google Account

2. On the next page, enter your name and username.

Note: Under the Username field, you can either create a new email address or use an existing email address. If you use an existing email, then click Use my current email address instead.

3. Enter and confirm your password, then click Next.

Create a Google Account

4. Enter the information needed, then click Next.

Google My Business

5. If you entered a phone number, Google will ask you to verify it via SMS confirmation. You can also select “Not Now” to skip this step.

Google Sign up

6. Agree to Google’s Terms of Service.

7. After completing the setup, you are now ready to set up your Google My Business Listing. Visit Accessing Business Directory and Connecting your Sites to get started.