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What is an Image Alt Tag?

An image alt tag is text used in a website or web page's HTML code to describe an image's appearance and function.

Image Alt Tags Affect Your SEO

Search engines and their crawlers are unable to interpret or see images the way we do. They're only able to interpret the written text. Image Alt Tags solve this problem by providing text that describes and defines images on a website or web page for search engines and crawlers.

Image Alt Tags also add search rank value. Keywords and descriptive terms included in tags are taken into account when your website is being indexed by search engines and crawlers. Without Alt Tags, images can't be interpreted which can affect your rank value, making you miss out in search results.

Other Benefits of Image Alt Tags

  • When an image is incompatible with a device or website browser, for any reason, the text will display in its place
  • They can be interpreted and read by website and screen readers used by the visually impaired, allowing them a better description and experience on your website

How to Add Alt Tags to Images

1. Log in to your Website Builder.
2. Open the image you want to modify.
3. Click the Alt Tag section, and then select the option to add a description.
  • Describe the image accurately.
  • Include keywords or a keyword phrase.
4. Select Save and then Publish.

<img src="flowers.png" **alt="Daisies in a white flower pot"**>

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