Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

In the Account Manager on the Transfer Status page, you can easily check the status of domain transfers into Network Solutions. The status icon indicates when action is required and whether there are any issues with your transfer.

Please review the following table to learn more about the different statuses you might see in the account manager and how they relate to the domain transfer process:

Domain StatusDescription
In ProgressOur system is checking to make sure your domain name is eligible for transfer. No action is neededwe will email you when it’s time to provide your authorization code.
Action RequiredYou need to resolve an issue(s) with your domain name before the transfer can continue. For example, the domain name may be locked or inactive.
Pending Auth CodeTo authorize the transfer, enter a valid authorization code.
Pending AuthorizationNetwork Solutions has sent an authorization email to the email address associated with the domain name. You need to respond to this email in order for the transfer to continue.
Invalid Auth CodeWhen we submit your transfer request to the registry, the registry checks whether the authorization code is valid. The Invalid Auth Code status allows you to submit a new authorization code.
UnauthorizedNetwork Solutions is required to send an authorization email to the current owner of the domain name to confirm that the transfer is authorized. We did not receive a reply within 60 days, therefore the transfer is cancelled, but can be restarted. The authorization email can also be resent.
RejectedThe transfer could be rejected for a variety of reasons. You may have failed to respond to the transfer authorization email from your current provider. Or there may be an issue with the status of your domain name in the current registrar's system. If you would like to continue the transfer, contact your current domain name provider and then click the Restart button.
CancelledThe transfer was cancelled by customer service due to a request by the person who initiated the transfer. The transfer may also be cancelled if it is related to a fraudulent transaction or chargeback.
ExpiredMore than 90 days have passed since the transfer was initiated and the transfer has not been completed. Please purchase a new transfer request to try again.
CompleteThe transfer completed successfully. The domain name is now in your Network Solutions account and ready for use.