If you have multiple accounts with Network Solutions, you can use the Merge Accounts feature in the Account Manager to combine two or more accounts into a single account. By merging accounts, you save time by being able to update account or billing information for multiple accounts under your control.

Before merging accounts, note the following:

  • After merging accounts, the account that is not kept will be deleted, and its domains and services will transfer into the account that was kept.
  • Merging accounts is a permanent change, so carefully review the domains and services in each account being merged.
  • Accounts that contain any of the following domain extensions cannot be merged: .us, .uk, .de, .be, .at, .mx, .nz, if the merge results in an Account Holder name change.
  • Accounts that have any pending transactions cannot be merged until the transaction is complete.

To Merge User ID's: 

When trying to merge two accounts with different User ID’s, you must first merge the User IDs:

  1. 1. Click on the Account Settings Account Manager Main Navigation tab.
  2. 2. Go to the User Profile section
  3. 3. In the User ID and Password section, click the Merge User IDs button.
  4. 4. Enter the User ID and password that you want to merge with the User ID for which you are currently logged into.
  5. 5. Click the Continue button
  6. 6. Select the User ID and corresponding user information you want to keep. The User ID you do not select will be deleted. Click Merge.
  7. 7. A confirmation page will appear verifying that your User IDs have been merged.

Note: You can only merge two User IDs at a time. To merge more than two User IDs, you must first merge two and then repeat the process to Merge additional User ID's.

To Merge Two Accounts:

  1. 1. Click the Account Settings Account Manager Main Navigation tab.
  2. 2. Click the Merge Accounts label.
  3. 3. Select the two accounts that you want to merge by clicking the boxes next to the accounts.
  4. 4. Click Continue.
  5. 5. Select the account under which you want to consolidate services.
  6. 6. Click Merge.
  7. 7. The Account Holder for this retained account becomes the Account Holder for both accounts
    • If merging accounts results in a change to the Account Holder name for the retained account, you must read and agree to the Network Solutions Service Agreement
    • If the Account Holder does not change, you will go right to the verification screen

Note: You can only merge two accounts at one time. To merge more than two accounts, repeat the process below as often as necessary.

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