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Q:  Where Should I Enter My Authorization Code?

A:  You should enter your authorization code on the Transfer In page. Follow these steps to enter your authorization code:

1. Log in to the Account Manager.
2. At the bottom of the account manager home page, click "Go" next to one of the transfers to go to the transfer status page. The Transfer In page opens.
3. On the Transfer In page, click the + plus sign next to a domain that is in a status of Invalid Auth Code or Pending Auth Code.
4. In the field, enter the code.
5. Click the Submit button.

You have entered your authorization code.

Q:  What Is the Meaning of the Rejected Status for a Domain Transfer In?

A:  After we submit your domain transfer request for processing, it can fail for a variety of reasons. Here are a few common reasons why your domain transfer may fail and ways to resolve the issue.

Rejected by Current Registrar

Your current registrar name provider may reject the transfer for a variety of reasons, including evidence of fraud, a court order, or non-payment for a previous term.

Not Authorized by Admin Contact

The person with access to the admin email address for your domain name received an approval email from your current registrar. They either did not respond or chose to cancel the transfer. Please contact your current registrar for more details and options to resolve this issue.

Domain Is Locked

Use the domain management tools at your current registrar to remove any security locks or contact your current registrar for assistance.

If you would like to move forward with the transfer, then resolve any issues at your current registrar provider.

Q:  My Domain Transfer Failed Due to an Invalid Authorization Code--What Can I Do?

A:  An Authorization Code (Auth code or EPP Key) is like a password; it helps prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain.

The easiest way to resolve the Invalid Authorization Code error is to do the following:

1. Request a new authorization code from your current registrar.
2. Log in to your Account Manager.
3. On the Transfer In page, click the + plus sign next to a domain that is in a status of Invalid Auth Code.
4. In the field, enter the new Auth code.

Note: Authorization codes are case sensitive. Make sure to remove any spaces before or after the code if you choose to copy & paste it.

5. Click the Submit button.

That’s it! We’ll restart the domain transfer for you.

Q:  How Can I Resolve an Incomplete WHOIS Record Error During a Domain Transfer?

A:  The public WHOIS database contains a record for registered domain names. This record includes important information, such as the status of the domain name.

We use this record in order to process transfer in requests for your domain. If a record is missing critical information, then, unfortunately, we are unable to process the transfer. The content of the record is controlled by the owner of the domain name and the company where the domain is registered.

Common examples of missing information include:

  • Creation date
  • Domain status
  • Registrar 

To address these issues with your WHOIS record, please contact your current domain name provider.

Q:  How Can I Cancel My Domain Transfer?

A:  If you’ve changed your mind about transferring in a domain name, simply ensure that your domain name is locked and use the Decline option in the approval email from your current registrar.

However, if you did not request the transfer or suspect fraud, then please contact our customer support team immediately.

If you wish to cancel a transfer, then please contact our customer support team via phone or our customer ticketing system. Please have the following information ready:

  • User ID
  • Domain name
  • Reason for cancelling the transfer

If you are transferring your domain out of our company, then the transfer needs to be cancelled by your new registrar. Please contact their customer support team for further assistance.