Important: This article applies to Network Solutions customers only, who currently have a hosting account with Network Solutions.

Note: If you are not hosted with Network Solutions, please click here for instructions on how to set up SiteLock Defend or SiteLock911 + Defend service.

Since your domain is hosted with Network Solutions, your SiteLock911® service account is automatically set up for you. You'll need to log into your Network Solutions account and verify that the 911 service is set up and ready to go.

Follow these steps to verify your 911 service:

1. Click here to log into your Network Solutions Account Manager with your account credentials.
2. Click My Security Products.

3. On the My Security Products page, click the Manage button next to the SiteLock911 product.

The SiteLock Details page appears. Click the Launch link.

4. Click the Proceed button to Accept Terms of Service

5. On the dashboard page, in the Security Summary section, click your domain.

The domain dashboard page appears. 

appears The 911 icon has green check mark, which indicates that 911 service is set up, live, ready to scan your website pages.


Need Additional Help?

If you need additional help setting up the SiteLock911 service, then please call  1-866-908-3442.

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