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To transfer in a domain, prepare your domain name for transfer at the registrar where it is currently managed. You will then need to complete a few steps to successfully move it over.

Typically, domain transfers can take between 30 minutes to 10 days to complete, depending on where you currently manage your domain name.

Prepare Your Domain for Transfer at Your Current Registrar

Before you begin the transfer process, make sure you have prepared your domain name. With a few exceptions, the following steps are the same for most domains: 

Please refer to this article for a list of domain extensions that we support to transfer.

Note: Although optional, you may want to confirm that your domain name is not expiring in the next 10 days to avoid complications in case your transfer takes longer than expected.

  • Make sure your domain was registered or transferred more than 60 days ago.
  • Remove any locks or security settings at the current registrar.
  • Request an authorization code (also called an EPP code) from your current registrar.
  • Change your domain privacy settings to public.
  • Check whether you have access to the email address associated with your domain name. Please note changing the email address associated with the domain can cause a 60 day transfer lock.
  • For .UK, .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and .ORG.UK domains, make sure you change your IPS Tag with your current registrar. 
    • Log into the account where the domain is currently registered and follow the transfer out instructions for .UK, .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and .ORG.UK domains.
    • Once there:
      • For Network Solutions, enter or select NSI-US at the Registrar Tag or IPS Tag.
      • For, enter or select REGISTER-DOT-COM at the Registrar Tag or IPS Tag.

Initiating the Transfer

Follow these steps to initiate your domain transfer:
  • Purchase a domain transfer on Network Solutions,, or
  • If you wish to purchase additional years, select the number of years you want to add then checkout. Additional years will not be charged for or applied until the transfer is complete.
  • You will receive an order confirmation and a second email with additional details of the transfer process with next steps.
  • Log in to the Account Manager to enter your authorization (or EPP) code on the domain transfer page.
  • Expect a message from your current registrar for the email associated with your domain name asking you to approve or decline the domain transfer.
  • Once approved by the registry, the domain name will transfer into your account.
Please Note: If any further actions are required to complete the domain transfer, you will receive a reminder email explaining the issue which outlines the next steps. This information will also be available on your domain transfer page in your Account Manager. For further information regarding issues which could occur with your domain transfer, please visit the following article. 
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