Important: At any given time, your domain name is in a particular status which controls the management features available to you. ICANN defines 17 standard status codes—you can learn more here.

You can find out your domain's status by using our WHOIS lookup tool. The status code is included in the search results.

In some statuses, a domain name cannot be transferred. Contact your current registrar to resolve any issues.

If your domain is in one of the following statuses, then it cannot be transferred:

Domain Status Description Options
pendingDelete Your domain name has expired. Depending on your current provider’s policies, you may be able to renew it for an additional late payment fee. Domains only stay in this status for a few days before becoming available for sale on the open market. Contact your current registrar as soon as possible.
pendingCreate The domain name registration request is being processed. Newly registered domain names cannot be transferred until 60 days have passed. We will send you a reminder email once your domain is eligible to transfer. You may also check the current status of your domain transfer in the Account Manager at any time.
Inactive Your domain name cannot be used because the nameservers either have not been provided or there is a problem with how they are setup. Contact your current provider for assistance with troubleshooting.
pendingTransfer A transfer request is already in progress for this domain name. Please contact your current provider and ask them to reject the transfer request on your behalf.
redemptionPeriod Your current registrar will delete your domain name after it’s been in this status for 30 days. This period usually happens after the domain name has expired. You may still be able to renew your domain name for an additional late-payment fee. Policies are different for each provider.
clientTransferProhibited The domain is locked from being transferred. The domain has to be unlocked at the current registrar in order to transfer it. Remove any transfer locks on your current registrar to allow transfer.