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Password Requirements

It is extremely important to make sure your password is strong to ensure the protection of your mailbox by restricting access by any unauthorized users. By setting up a complex password, you are increasing the difficulty for a hacker to obtain your password, whether by a brute force attack or an automated machine attack.

Your password must meet the following requirements:
  • Must be at least 12 characters (Note: max. of 32 characters permitted)
  • Must contain at least three of following:
    • an uppercase character
    • a lowercase character
    • a number (0-9)
    • a special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • Must not be the same as your current password or previous 5 passwords.
  • Must not include any portion of your email address - including your domain name.
  • Should not contain any personal information.
Here are a few examples of bad passwords:
  • Password
  • 12345678
  • Your domain name or name
  • aardvark, honey, badger, lightswitch or any single dictionary word
Here are a few examples of good passwords:
  • Gfd#Fr4Vw29!
  • KGguw@Td223d

From Account Manager

As an authorized contact on the account, it is important to keep the passwords for mailboxes secure. Occasionally, a user will need to reset the password.

Follow these steps below for an authorized contact to reset the Email box passwords from within your Account Manager.

1. Click here to sign into your account.
2. Enter your Account Manager username and password.
Note: This is for your Account Manager, not your mailbox.

3. Under My Products select the Email Icon.

4. In the Webmail Control Panel choose the email address to the mailbox for the password change. 

5. Enter and confirm a password following the password requirements, click Save, and select Done.

The password is now updated.

REMINDER:  You’ll need to update any email clients (ex. Outlook) or devices that you use to access your email with this new password.  Visit this page for assistance or refer to the instructions for your email client or device.

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