Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

Domain Name Extensions and How They Are Most Commonly Used

Network Solutions® offers a variety of domain name extensions. Extensions can be used for any purpose, but here are the most frequently registered extensions and their common usage:

Note: Protecting brand identity has become very important. Customers often register multiple extensions and variations of their domain names.

ExtensionCommon Usage
Generic Top Level Domains
.bizBusiness websites
.comCommercial websites
.infoInformation websites
.mobiMobile websites
.namePersonal websites
.netWebsites for businesses involved with the infrastructure of the Internet
.orgOrganization websites
.proProfessional websites
.telTelecommunication websites
.tvRich media websites
Country Specific Domains
.amArmenia, but also used for AM radio
.ar.comArgentina, but also used for Arkansas
.cnChina, renewals only
.com.cnChina, renewals only
.net.cnChina, renewals only
.org.cnChina, renewals only
.coColombia, but also used for company and/or other commercial endeavors
.cxChristmas Island
.czCzech Republic
.euEuropean Union
.eu.comEuropean Union
.fmFederated States of Micronesia, but also used for FM radio
.gb.comUnited Kingdom
.gb.netUnited Kingdom
.gsSouth Georgia & Sandwich Islands
.imIsle of Man
.kr.comRepublic of Korea
.laLaos, but also used for Los Angeles or Louisiana
.liLiechtenstein, but also used for Long Island
.co.nzNew Zealand
.net.nzNew Zealand
.org.nzNew Zealand
.ruRussian Federation, renewals only
.ru.comRussian Federation
.sa.comSaudi Arabia
.tcTurks & Caicos Islands
.co.ukUnited Kingdom
.uk.comUnited Kingdom
.uk.netUnited Kingdom
.me.ukUnited Kingdom
.org.ukUnited Kingdom
.usUnited States
.us.comUnited States
.vgBritish Virgin Islands
.wsWestern Samoa, but also used for website
.za.comSouth Africa