Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

Included with your Secure WordPress® website is an nsProtect® Secure Certificate. This allows you to secure your website with a Domain Validation (DV) Certificate.

Before proceeding, make sure you have installed Secure WordPress. For more information, please see How Do I Get Started with Secure WordPress?

  1. 1. Click here and log in to the Account Manager.
  2. 2. Click My SSL Certificates & Seals.
  3. 3. Click the Configure button next to nsProtect Secure Certificate - Xpress (unconfigured).
  4. A panel appears.
  5. Note: If the panel does not appear, turn off your pop-up blocker and try again.

  6. 4. Click the Provide domain link.
  7. 5. Enter the domain name that you assigned to the Secure WordPress package in both fields, then click Continue.
  8. 6. Skip the Provide CSR panel.
  9. Note: You can skip this step because you are installing this certificate on a package already hosted with Network Solutions.

  10. 7. On the Submit Validation panel, select your email address, then click Continue.
  11. Note: If you no longer have access to the email address you selected, you need to update your email address that is listed in the WHOIS database. Click here for more information.

  12. The Next Steps panel appears. Also, a validation email will be sent to the email address you selected above.
  13. 8. In the validation email you are sent, click the link provided and enter the code you are given.
  14. 9. Click Done on the Next Steps panel.
  15. A confirmation email is sent that verifies your certificate has been installed. You can now reach a secure version of the domain name.
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