Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

This event calendar includes two views—a public view and an administrative view.

As the administrator, you will be able to view both. Visitors to your website will only have access to the public view.

Adding Events

  1. 1. While in the week or month view, click the icon next to the date for your event.
  2. If you are in the day view, click the icon next to the event heading.
  3. 2. Fill out the required fields for the event.
  4. 3. Click the Manage button next to the Category field to customize the name of each category, or to remove a category.
  5. 4. Add a URL to the URL field if you have an existing website for your event.
  6. 5. Click Save.
  7. You have added an event to your calendar.

Preview Your Calendar

To preview your calendar, click Preview Web Site at the top of the ImageCafe tool. This will be the view that users of your website will see.

Searching Events

To search for an event, click the Search tab in the top-right corner of the calendar. Once you fill in the dates and search terms, click Search. Search terms are case sensitive.