Important: This article applies to Network Solutions customers only.

Add a Content Management Form to Your Website

Contact management forms help generate additional business information by allowing your website visitors to fill out a simple form that provides you with their contact information. This information is then added to your contacts or leads lists.

To add a form:

1. Click the Building Blocks menu item.
2. Drag and drop a block onto your website page.
3. Click  Insert Item, then select Tools > Form Generator > Continue.
4. Select the type of form you want to display on your website, then click Continue.
If your form requires setup, configuration steps appear.
5. Once your form has been set up, click Finish.
You have added a form to your website.

Note: The Form Generator tool has two types of forms--customizable forms to collect website visitor data and lead/contact management forms.

Manage Data Collected in the Forms via the Contact Management System

Follow these instructions:

1. In the Website Creator Tool section, click Website Tools.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click the Contact Management icon.
3. On the Dashboard screen, you can manage all steps in your campaign management package.

Use these dashboard tabs to navigate through the system:
My Home Page
You can now manage your data.

Contacts and Leads

To manage your contacts and leads, click Marketing, and then Contacts.

From the Contacts list, you can do the following:

  • Send email to individual contacts.
  • View contact information.
  • Filter contacts to generate specific email lists, based on the types of contacts and leads you have.

Add a Contact or Lead

1. Click the Green Plus Sign above your contacts or leads list.
A form appears.
2. Enter the contact information into the form, then click Save.
You have added a new contact.
Edit Contact or Lead Information

While viewing your contact list, you can do the following:

  • Click Edit/Del next to a contact or lead to change their information.
  • Click More Information to view previous email sent to that contact, or to view other administrative tasks performed.
  • Click the contact name to edit, delete, or copy their information, as well as send them email.

Create Contact or Lead Views

You can create views for your contacts and leads to help determine the best marketing strategies. After creating a view, use the Filters drop-down menu to select the active view.

Follow these instructions:

1. Next to the Filters drop-down menu, click New.
2. Next to the Filters drop-down menu, click Edit or Delete to add restrictions or include other contacts.
You have created a contact view.