Important: This article applies to Network Solutions customers only.


This article will help you use the Network Solutions Event Calendar. Placing an event calendar on your website is a good way to let visitors know about upcoming events and other information they may be interested in when it comes to your business.

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How Do I Add an ImageCafé Calendar

Locate the Website You Want to Edit

Follow these instructions:
1. Click here to login to the Account Manager. 
2. To access your Website Builder, either click: My Website Packages or My Hosting Package.
a. For website packages, click Launch Website Builder Tool under Edit Website.
b. For hosting packages, select the Web Hosting Service you want to Manage, then click Create/Edit Your Website.

You are ready to edit your website.

Create a New Website Page

Follow these instructions:

1. From the main toolbar, click the Website Pages button.
2. Under Add a Page to Your Web Site, click the drop-down arrow, next to Suggested Page Layout or Blank Page.
3. Select the page you wish to add to your website.
4. In the New page name field, enter a name for the website page.
5. Click the Drag me! page icon under your current website pages, which is under the Current Pages in Web Site Menu: section.

You have created and added a new page to your website

Edit You Website Pages

Follow these instructions:
1. Click Web Site Pages located at the top of the page.
2. Follow the instructions provided to choose the website pages you want to change.
3. Click the page where the Event Calendar will be placed, then select Edit page.

You are ready to add an event calendar to your website.

Add Event Calendar to Your Website

Follow these instructions:
1. Click the Building Blocks menu item.
2. Drag and drop a block onto your website page.
3. Click Insert Item, then select Tools > Continue.
4. Select Event Calendar from the tools list, then click Continue.

You have added an event calendar to your website.

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How Do I Use My ImageCafé Calendar

The event calendar includes two views—a public view and an administrative view. As the administrator, you will be able to view both. Visitors to your website will only have access to the public view.

To create or manage your calendar, click My Home page, then Calendar.

Add a New Event

Follow these instructions:
1. Click the Events tab.
2. Click Add, then select the type of event.
3. Fill out the form provided, then click Save.

You have added a new event.

Add to Do

Follow these instructions:
1. Click the To Dos tab.
2. Click Add, then select the type of To Do.
3. Fill out the form provided, then click Save.

You have added a To Do.

View Events and To Dos

Events and To Dos can be viewed by day, month, week, or year. Select the Day, Month, Week or Year tabs for the appropriate view. The arrows on either side of the date heading can be used to move between dates.

Click the Settings icon located next to the date heading to share your calendar with others or to create time settings.

Preview Your Calendar

To preview your calendar, click Preview Web Site at the top of the ImageCafe tool. This will be the view that users of your website will see.

Searching Events

To search for an event, click the Search tab in the top-right corner of the calendar. Once you fill in the dates and search terms, click Search. Search terms are case sensitive.

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