Here are a few scenarios where you may be required to update your WordPress® URL:

  • If you migrate your WordPress website from one web host to another.
  • Change your domain name.
  • Move your WordPress website location from one directory to another.

Please carefully read these instructions to change your WordPress URL, since any errors can potentially break your website.

Note: Changing the website URL will not update any references to your original URL and in older WordPress posts. There are several plugins available for updating legacy post URLs in order resolve these issues. Please refer to for more information about those plugins.

Please note that some aspects of your template may not function after a URL change and you will need to correct these errors manually.

The process to change your WordPress URL is divided into the following steps:

Step 1: Change Your WordPress Address and Website Address

Note: If you installed WordPress using our Open Source Applications, the easiest way to change your WordPress URL is to update the website Address (URL) and WordPress Address (URL) options inside the WordPress administrator dashboard. These options can be found under the Settings / General tab.

Once you have changed your WordPress URL you will need to ensure your domain name is pointing to the correct directory.

Step 2 : Update Your Network Solutions Directory Pointer

Follow these steps to update the directory pointer:

  1. 1. Click here and log in to the Account Manager.
  2. 2. Click My Hosting Packages.
  3. Note: If you have one hosting package, go directly to Step 4. If you have more than one hosting package, select the Hosting package that contains your WordPress website.

  4. 3. Click the Assign/Edit Your Domain icon.
  5. 4. Find the domain name you want to update, then click Edit.
  6. 5. Use the drop-down menu to choose the directory where WordPress is installed, then click Select.
  7. If you do not see the proper directory, click Add directory not listed, then click Select to add the directory.
  8. 6. Type the name of the new directory after htdocs, then click Select.
  9. Note: On the Windows servers, the root folder may be labeled www instead of htdocs.

  10. 7. Review and confirm your settings, then click Continue.
  11. A confirmation page of your changes appears.
  12. Your directory pointer has been changed.

Note: If any of the subpages fail to load, then you may need to manually update the WordPress .htaccess file and remove references to the folder name you removed from the website URL.

WordPress URL FAQs

My WordPress website no longer works after changing the WordPress URL.

Make sure you have changed both the website address and WordPress address inside the administrator panel before editing your Directory Pointer inside Network Solution’s Account Manager.

Depending on what third-party themes and plugins are used, you may need to make additional changes in the WordPress dashboard or database.

My WordPress website resolves, but images no longer load.

You may need to update image links in WordPress, which can be done manually in the database. Be sure to read this article section on the Word Press website for Additional Items of Note in the WordPress Codex, when you change your WordPress URL.

I am not a programmer or Web developer. Can Network Solutions change my WordPress URL?

WordPress is an open-source application that was not developed by Network Solutions. Please be advised that our Customer Support team cannot make changes to your WordPress website.

We do offer paid support for code troubleshooting and WordPress URL changes through our expert MyTimeSupport services.

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