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Select an option below to view the instructions: When you create a website using the Website Builder Tool, you select one of our design templates that range from simple layouts, such as Clean Paper, to more elaborate themes.

A wide selection of free and premium design templates are available for your website in the Website Builder Tool.

How Do I Change the Design of My Website?

To choose and apply a design, follow these instructions:

1. On the Design & Layout tab, select the Designs option.

2. Search for a design you want on the Choose a Design panel.
You may also browse through available industry categories.

3. On the design you want to use, click the thumbnail image.
The design preview will appear featuring your website contents.

4. If this is a free design, you will be able to click the Select button to apply it to your website.

For premium designs, please see below.

You have changed the design of your website.

As always, you can preview your new design the way it would appear on your live website using the Preview option in the top right corner of the page. Make sure to publish your website for your new design to appear live to your website visitors.

Applying a Premium Design to Your Website

To customize your website design, use the options available in the Design & Layout area of the Website Builder Tool.


You will need to purchase a premium design to apply it to your published website. You can try a premium design with your website contents using the Preview It with Your Site option in the Design Preview window.

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How Do I Change the Background of My Website?

The background is the area behind your website content. You can use color, images, or textures to customize your website background.

Background Colors

Follow these instructions to change your background colors:

1. On the Design & Layout tab, select the Background option.

2. On the Color Preview panel, select the color you want for your background.
Select from color swatches, or you can enter the hexadecimal value for the color that you want to use.

3. Once you have decided on a color, click the green checkbox.

You have changed your website background color.

Note: If you do not like the color that you selected, you can revert back to the original background color by selecting the Default color option in the Site Color Scheme drop-down menu.

Background Images

Follow these instructions to change your background images:

1. On the Design & Layout tab, select the Image option.
2. On the Insert your background image panel, select one of the options to add an image for your background:
  • Upload an image file from your computer.
  • Select from files that you have stored in the Website Builder Tool.
  • Choose from our library of free images.
  • Apply the default background image that comes with the design template that you chose for your website.
  • Remove the background image using the Do not display a background image option in the drop-down list.

3. Follow the prompts for your option to finish adding an image for your website background.
You have changed your website background image.

Note: If you select a different background color or image, you will be prompted to apply the changes to the current page or entire website. In general, it is a good idea to keep the background treatment consistent across all the pages of your site.

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