With a Web Hosting package from Network Solutions®, you can modify the default PHP settings for your package. Default values for PHP can be modified through a custom .user.ini file that can be created and uploaded. For more information on customizing your .ini file, please reference the article, PHP.ini for Shared Hosting FAQs and Troubleshooting.

Network Solutions® support staff are not able to provide support for modifications to this .ini file. For that reason, we strongly recommend you make a backup of any existing .ini file if one exists, before making modifications.

Customizing PHP on Windows Hosting Packages:

Make a .user.ini file within the www (root web) folder for PHP changes. The syntax of the file contents is the same as a Unix package—the settings take effect almost immediately.

Example: memory_limit = 64

Note: Windows users can choose the desired version of PHP by using the PHP Manager available in the IIS Manager or by modifying the *.php handler order in your web.config file.

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