Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

To enable your Network Solutions® email, it is required that your DNS records include our MX record and two specific CNAME records.

MX and CNAME Records

The following table lists the correct records, configuration and recommended priority, alias and Time-to-Live (TTL):

Record Type Target Configuration Recommended
MX Record
  • Recommended Priority: 10
  • Recommended TTL: 7200
1st CNAME Record
  • Alias: mail.youdomainname.ext
  • Recommended TTL: 7200
2nd CNAME Record
  • Alias: smtp.yourdomain.ext
  • Recommended TTL: 7200
3rd CNAME Record
  • Alias: autodiscover.yourdomain.ext
  • Recommended TTL: 7200

SRV Record

The following criteria and parameters apply to service records:

  • Service = _autodiscover.
  • Protocol = _tcp.
  • Name = domainname.ext.
  • TTL = 7200
  • Priority = 10
  • Weight =
  • Port = 443
  • Target =

An example of a Service record: IN SRV 7200 10 10 443

Note: Substitute your actual domain name where you see yourdomainname.ext listed above. An example of an MX record is

Optional Record

TXT Record

nsMail TXT Record:
@ (None) v=spf1 ~all

Note: You can review the following article if you have any questions about Spoofing: