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Follow these instructions to move or change your DNS information to a new server:

  1. 1. Click here and log in to your Account Manager.
  3. 2. Within the Account Manager, select My Domain Names.
  5. 3. Select the domain name you want to change and click Manage.
  7. 4. In the green/purple box, select Change Where Domain Points.
  9. 5. Select Domain Name Server (DNS).
  11. 6. Under Specify the Domain Name Servers section, type Name Server 1 and Name Server 2.
  13. 7. To enter additional Domain Name Servers, click the Add More Name Servers link.
  15. 8. Click Continue, then click Apply Changes to accept the changes.

You have updated your DNS information to point to a new server.


Note: Domain Name Server changes may take 24-36 hours to update throughout the internet. Advanced DNS updates will take up to 2 hours to take effect—updates may resolve more quickly at some locations than others because many name servers on the Internet retrieve updates at different times.



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