Path to Perl

The path to Perl is:

  • nsHosting Shared UNIX: /usr/local/bin/perl
  • nsHosting Shared Windows—no path is required


Path to Sendmail

The path for Sendmail is /usr/sbin/sendmail. The SMTP host in any script, if defined, must be set as localhost.


Perl Modules

The following Perl modules are installed on your server:

PPM PPM-Agent-Perl
SOAP-Llte Storable
Test-Slmple Tk
URI XML-Parser
XML-Simple Unix
HTML-Target HTML-Parser
libwww-perl Crypt-UnixCrypt
Unicode-String DateManip
Data-ShowTable Expat
DBI DBD-mysql
Config-IniFiles Convert-ASN1
Mail-Sendmail Compress-Zlib
Archive-Zip NDBM_File

Hosting Sendmail Limitations

For security purposes, when you purchase Hosting with Network Solutions® there is a four-day limitation before the Sendmail functionality starts.