Important: This article applies to® customers only.

What Does Change of Ownership Mean?

Change of Ownership is a legal process which transfers the rights of a product or service from one entity to another. Change of Ownership may also be referred to as Change of Registrant (CoR), Transfer of Registrant, Account Change, Employee to Company Transfer, or Registrant Name Change.

Some cases which require a Change of Ownership are updating a name, organization, or email address. In some cases, it could be an individual or business.

Why is Change of Ownership Important?

Change of Ownership is important because the new verified owner of the entity assumes rights through this process required by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is responsible for mandating policies and processes that all registrars, including ours, must follow.

If you need to update account information, a Change of Ownership process provides tangible evidence that the responsibilities and liabilities for said products have changed hands. This process protects the original business owner and new business owner should there be a dispute.

Once a Change of Ownership is processed, the original customer no longer has access, claim, or is authorized to discuss items on the account. The new business owner is recognized as the only authenticated contact, and they may add additional persons within their control panel.

Forms Needed

Customers who want to transfer their domain name from Registrant Name Holder to Registrant Name Holder may initiate a transfer between accounts by visiting this link

Change of Ownership is specifically used when the customer has associated services that need to be transferred with the domain name. Both parties must complete the Transfer of Registrant form as instructed.