Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only. 


Network Solutions® values your business, and we would appreciate the opportunity to resolve any issues that may have led to your decision to transfer.

Note: If you are transferring your Domain Name due to a change in your hosting provider, in most cases, this is not necessary, and it can take much longer to transfer the name to another registrar than to change your hosting within your Account Manager.

Due to registry requirements, the following extensions require the Primary Contact of the account to call our customer support to proceed with a transfer between registrars:                                                                                                                                           


Only the Primary Contact of an account can make the following changes. If you do not see the Turn Off Transfer Lock option or the Request Authorization Code link while following the steps below, then you are not logged in as the Primary Contact of the account.

There are four steps to prepare a domain name for transfer:

Turn Off Domain Protection and Request Your Authorization Code

Follow these instructions to turn off domain protection and request your authorization code:

  1. 1. Click here and log in to the Account Manager as the Primary Contact.

  2. 2. On the left side of the page, click Domain Names.

  3. 3. If you have multiple domains on the account, please select the domain that you want to manage from the domain management list.

  4. 4. On the Domain Overview page, go to the Transfer or Move Domain section.

  5. 5. Turn off the Transfer Lock by clicking the sliding button beside Domain Locked.

  6. 6. To start the process of moving your domain to a new registrar, click Request Auth Code.

The Domain Name is now unlocked in your Account Manager. It may take up to 24 hours for the update to show throughout the internet. Your Authorization Code will be emailed to the Primary Contact in three days. Authorization Codes are not required for .bz, .cc,.gd, .im, .tc, .tel, .tv, .vg, and .ws extensions.

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Turn Off Private Registration- if already purchased for the Domain Name

See How Do I Manage My Domain Contacts or WHOIS Information? for instructions to turn off private registration. 

The Private Registration has been deactivated. It may take anywhere up to 24 hours for the update to show throughout the internet.

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Confirm the WHOIS Administrative Contact Email is Correct for the Domain Name

You can look up the WHOIS information for the domain name here. If the WHOIS information is not correct, see How Do I Manage My Domain Contacts or WHOIS Information? for instructions on updating the WHOIS information.

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Confirm the Primary Contact or Registrant Email is Correct for the Domain Name

You can verify the Primary Contact email address by logging into your Network Solutions account and viewing the Primary Contact email address listed under the User Profile.

If the information is incorrect, click the Edit User Profile button to modify the email address.

Once you have followed these steps, the transfer can be initiated with the gaining registrar. An email will be sent by the gaining registrar to the WHOIS Administrative Contact with instructions on approving the transfer. Once you have approved the transfer, it takes between 5 and 7 days for the transfer to complete.

The transfer may complete within 24 hours after the following takes place, assuming no delays at the registry or registrar:

  • The domain is unlocked

  • Private Registration is turned off

  • The transfer is initiated with the gaining registrar

  • The authorization code is provided to the gaining registrar

  • The **form of authorization from the new registrar is responded to

Important: If the form of authorization is not responded to, the transfer will automatically proceed after a five-day waiting period. 

During this time, there can be no changes made to the Domain Name, including DNS (Domain Name Server) changes. If you need to change your DNS, please make sure the changes are in effect prior to approving the transfer through the gaining registrar.

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Issues with the Transfer Process

The following are common items that can cause transfers to be delayed or failed:

  • The domain name has not been registered for 60 days.

    • ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations state that a Domain Name cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial purchase. There is no way to bypass this regulation.

  • The authorization code is denied.

    • As authorization codes are random sets of letters and numbers, are case sensitive, and may contain characters that would be mistaken for other characters. We advise copying and pasting the authorization code from the email we send rather than typing it in the new registrar’s system.

  • The Domain Name is expired and deactivated.

    • While most expired domain names may be transferred, if the domain name has been deactivated, it will require contacting us to have the name reactivated.

  • There is a 30-day transfer lock on the Domain Name.

    • We place a high value on the security of our customers’ accounts and domain names; therefore, we have a process in place to lock the domain names in an account for 30 days when any of the following changes are made within 7 days of a password reset to help prevent fraudulent transfers.

      • Primary Contact email change

      • Primary Contact name is changed

      • WHOIS Administrative Contact email is changed

      • WHOIS Administrative Contact is changed

      • User IDs are merged

      • Primary Contact is replaced

    • If you have a transfer lock on your Domain Names, the Primary Contact of the Account can contact us for assistance with having the lock reviewed for expedited removal.

  • ICANN Change of Registrant Lock (COR) – 60-day Lock.

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