Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

Setting Up Your .tel Account

You first need to set up a username and password to manage your .tel contact information through the .tel management dashboard. Your username and password will provide you access to log into your management dashboard where you can store contact information—Web links, location records, and keywords.

Follow these steps to create your username and password:

  1. Click here and log in to the Account Manager.
  2. On the left side of the page, click Domain Names.
  3. Select the .tel domain you wish to manage in the Domain Names section.
  4. On the Domain Details page, in the .tel Domain Set Up box, enter the username and password you want to assign to your .tel account. Then click Submit.
  5. Click the link. On the .tel dashboard, enter and manage your contact details.
  6. Click the link and enter the username and password you just created.

You can now begin to set up your contact information for your .tel domain name.

If you have more than one .tel domain in your Network Solutions® account, then you only need to set up one .tel account. You will be able to access all of your .tel domains once you log in.

Please refer to our .tel Resources for help configuring your information in the .tel management dashboard. Refer to this article, .tel Domain and Website FAQs and Troubleshooting, to find the following information:

  • .tel Video Tutorial

  • .tel Quick Start Guide

  • .tel User Guide

  • .tel Guide to TelFriends

Note: Your .tel account username and password can be different from your Network Solutions® username and password. Once created your username cannot be changed.

The primary email address associated with your Network Solutions® account will be submitted with your .tel username and password. You can change the email address when you log into the .tel dashboard. Changing the email address in the dashboard will not affect your Network Solutions® account.
How do I change my .tel website account information?
 Please follow the instructions detailed in the online User Guide.

How do I rename a folder?
You cannot change the sub folder name. To change the folder name, create a new folder, copy all contacts from the old folder to the new one, then delete the old folder.


Setting Up Your .tel Website

If I update my .tel Web page how long will it take for the changes to display?

Once you have added a contact to your account via your .tel management dashboard any changes you make should take effect in near-real-time. You can update your information from any device connected to the Internet through a user-friendly interface.
Are there any restrictions on what information I can enter on my .tel website?
Make sure that you only enter information that is helpful for people to find you and not for people to impersonate you. Never put your date of birth, home address, social security number, bank details or other financial information about yourself on your website or in your keywords. Always follow sensible rules for publishing personal information online.
Can I add a logo to my .tel page?
Yes. Once you are logged into your .tel management dashboard simply click Add+ under the Logo section and add the web link to an existing graphic online.

Can I change the colors of my .tel page?
Yes. Once you are logged into your .tel management dashboard click the Design tab and select your colors.

Can I enter a phone number with an extension?
To enable the Click-to-Call functionality for your phone numbers, you can only enter direct numbers as contacts. To specify an extension number, use the label field, and it will show as text in brackets in the contact description.
How do I create a private contact in a subfolder?
At the moment, only your main domain can store private contacts, so all information in sub folders is always public. If you wish to hide individual contacts in a sub folder, consider moving the contact to your main domain or not publishing that information on your .tel page.
How do I delete a contact?
Select the contact you wish to delete, and choose Delete from the Actions drop-down box at the top of the contacts list.

Note: Deleting the contact record is permanent; consider disabling the contact instead to make it invisible but retained in case you need to show it again.

How do I rename a folder?

You cannot change the sub folder name; to change the folder name, create a new folder, copy all contacts from the old folder to the new one (in the old folder, do Select all and in the Actions drop-down box, select move to...), and then delete the old folder.