Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

This article walks you through the process of using Certified Offer Service® from Network Solutions® to make an anonymous offer to purchase an already-registered domain name. This service is for offers of $25,000 or less, and allows you to make an anonymous offer on domain names with the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,.us, and

When you perform a domain name search in Network Solutions' domain name search bar and find that the domain you want is already taken, you can make an offer to the domain’s proprietor by clicking the certified offer link below the search field.

Step 1: Make an Offer

Determine an offer price

As a domain name buyer, you can make an offer between $100 and $25,000 USD. If you need help in determining an offer price, use the Free Value Assessment tool. You will be charged $39 per Certified Offer to use the Certified Offer Service. This fee is non-refundable and is charged whether the offer is accepted or not. If the offer is accepted, you will be charged the accepted sales price plus a 5% transaction fee.

For orders under $5,000, payment will be charged to your credit card, or if a Partner, charged to your Partner account.

For orders over $5,000, payments will need to be submitted via wire transfer, or if a Partner, charged to your Partner account. Instructions on submitting the wire transfer will be sent once the offer has been accepted.

Offer is Presented

On your behalf, Network Solutions® presents the Certified Offer to the seller via email, using the Administrative contact email on the WHOIS.

10-Day process

Your offer is valid for a period of 10 days. The offer is limited to 10 days to quickly determine whether the domain name is available for purchase. The seller may respond at any time during this period.

Note: Under certain circumstances, a seller may be permitted to request that you reopen an expired offer.

Email updates

You will receive daily email updates for 10 days or until the seller responds. You will be notified immediately when the offer is accepted or rejected.

Step 2: Seller Responds to Offer

Seller’s Options

The seller has 10 days to respond to your offer. They can either accept, reject, or propose a minimum, acceptable price.

If the seller proposes a minimum acceptable price, you have the option of making a counteroffer to the seller. The seller has 10 days to either accept or reject your counteroffer.

Step 3: Offer Acceptance and Transfer Process

Offer Acceptance

When the seller accepts your offer or counteroffer or when you accept the seller’s minimum acceptable price, your credit card or Partner account is immediately charged the accepted offer amount plus a 5% transaction fee.

Your (Buyer) Transfer Process:

  1. 1. After an offer under $5,000.00 is accepted, you are charged the offer amount and the 5% fee. For orders of $5,000.00 or over, you will receive instructions via email on how to submit a wire transfer for the offer amount and the 5% fee. If you are a Partner, your Partner account will be charged, regardless of the amount accepted.
  2. 2. Network Solutions transfers the domain name into the Network Solutions account that was created or selected during the submission of your Certified Offer. The transfer process may take up to 14 days.

Seller Transfer Process:

  1. 1. The domain goes to a holding account first if it is an Inbound Change of Registrar Agreement (IBCRA). Network Solutions will then issue a check to the domain name registrant (the seller) listed in WHOIS.
  2. 2. The seller should ensure that the WHOIS information for the domain name is up to date, that way, the check for the offer amount can be sent to the correct person or organization. They will receive an email from us when they accept the offer asking for them to confirm the payee info, and any pertinent transfer info.
  3. 3. Network Solutions informs the seller via email when the check is sent out. It may take up to three weeks for the seller to receive the check.

Additional requirements may apply when the domain name is not registered with Network Solutions.

Step 4: Receive the Domain Name

As part of the Certified Offer Service® transfer process, the domain name with its existing term transfers to you. In addition, you will receive one free year added to the registration term, as long as the term does not exceed 10 years.

Full Process of Certified Offer once Network Solutions gets Involved

  1. 1. The offer is accepted, and the Buyer’s card is charged /the Buyer is sent wire instructions.
  2. 2. Once we confirm we have the funds in a holding account for the Seller, we contact the Seller to confirm the Seller’s information to send the check and obtain anything needed to transfer the domain if it is not with Network Solutions (Auth code, unlock).
  3. 3. If the domain is with Network Solutions, we will transfer the domain to the Buyer and wait on the confirmation from the Seller; once the confirmation on their payee is received, we send the check. If the Seller prefers to have the funds send via wire, they will be charged $25.
  4. 4. If the domain is not registered with Network Solutions, we initiate the transfer once we obtain the authorization code into our holding account. Only when we have the domain in our possession in our holding account do we move the domain to the Buyer and process the payment to the Seller, who by this time has confirmed their payee information with us.