Important: This article applies to customers with SSL services only.

To generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you will need to log into your Plesk account. The following images are from the latest Plesk® release (v9), but the instructions apply to versions 7-9.

1. In Plesk, Select Tools & Settings.
2. Under Security, Select SSL/TLS Certificates.

Note: You may also click under Websites & domains > SSL/TLS Certificates.

3. On the next screen click Add to add an SSL certificate.

4. Next you will be prompted to request a CSR file that contains the information about the domain.  You will need to provide/change the Highlighted information.
  • Certificate Name: The name the customer wants to put for the certificate.  This helps the customer when they have multiple SSLs on the VPS.
  • Bits: The encryption key value, for us it is 2048.
  • Domain Name: The domain name the certificate is for All other information should be pre-populated.  However, you will want to review it to make sure it matches the SSL so the CSR contains the correct information.

5. Click Request- You will be prompted back to the SSL/TLS Certificates screen but the Name of the certificate will now be added.


6. Click on the Name of the certificate and scroll down, you see the CSR and the Private Key generated.  This can then be copy and pasted into the Account Manager like a customer would for a 3rd party certificate.