To generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR), you will need to log into your Plesk account. The following images are from the latest Plesk® release (v9), but the instructions apply to versions 7-9.

  1. 1. Log into Plesk.
  2. 2. Click Domains from the left-hand menu, then click the appropriate domain to request the certificate.
  3. 3. Click the SSL Certificates icon.
  4. 4. Click the Add SSL Certificate icon.
  5. 5. Fill out your information in the form.
  6. Note: For wildcard certificates, the Domain Name field should be in the format: * We advise to use at least a 2048-bit key, which is the minimum for EV certificates.

  7. 6. Click the Request button.
  8. You will be returned to the SSL Certificates section.
  9. 6. Click the name of the certificate in the list.
  10. 7. Scroll down to the section labeled CSR.
  11. Highlight the whole CSR as shown in the image, then you can copy and paste the CSR into the web enrollment form.
  12. You have generated your CSR for Parallels Plesk.