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What does it mean to Leave a Copy on the Server?

When you receive an email, you can configure the POP3 program to “Leave a Copy” of the email on the server. Doing this will keep the message in your Webmail and download a copy to your POP3 connected device. This is done in the following process:
  1. Your Webmail and your POP3 email program receive a message.
  2. Webmail sends a command to automatically delete the email from our server.
  3. When this happens, the message is downloaded to the POP3 connected device.
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Reasons You Want to Leave a Copy on the Server

We recommend that you purchase additional storage if you plan on leaving copies of your messages on the server.
  • You have several POP3 devices that you use to receive email. If you do not select this option, only the first program to receive the email will see that message.
    • For example, if you do not leave a copy turned on, and your computer receives the message before your phone, your phone will not have a chance to see that message.
  • You want to use Webmail often and see the same messages you may have already received to your POP3 email program.
  • You want a backup of your messages in case your POP3 program became inaccessible.

Important: If you leave a copy on the server, please check the Webmail often to make sure you do not exceed the file size limit for your mailbox.

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Reasons You Do Not want to Leave a Copy on the Server

  • You do not log in to your Network Solutions Webmail to send and receive emails. This may cause your email storage to fill up and, over time, can prevent you from receiving new messages.
  • You only use one POP3 program to download mail and store local backups.

Important: There will not be a warning that you are getting close to the file size limit. Messages that are deleted because your mailbox is full are not retrievable.

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How to configure Leave a Copy on the Server for common POP3 Programs.

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