Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

The Email Productivity Bundle adds the following feature enhancements to your email service:

Spam FolderAllows messages that are deemed as spam to land in your spam folder as another level of user control to manage Email spam.
Note: Messages with an extreme spam rating will still be discarded, such as those that contain virus attachments.
This feature is enabled automatically, no setup or configuration necessary.
DriveUsed to store and manage your files and media. Users can upload files and media, share files, and add notes for each file. 
Shared CalendarAllows other users to share their calendar appointments. Users can share their calendars with users and access other shared calendars. 
Shared Tasks Allows other users to view your tasks.
Shared Address BookShares your contacts with other users across the domain. 
Public FoldersAllows you to create folders for messages, files, contacts, calendars, and tasks. Administrative permissions can then be assigned for users to access those folders.

Note: For further assistance with any of the following features, please reference the Help section, located within your Web Email product.