1. Important: This article applies to Network Solutions® customers only.

You manage the validation and installation process for your SSL through your Network Solutions® Account Manager. Once you have validated the SSL certificate, be sure to check out this article, Network Solutions—SSL Certificate Additional Help and Troubleshooting, for further assistance.

  1. Please perform the following steps to get started:
    1. 1. Click here and log in to the Account Manager.
    2. 2. Click the Manage Account tab in the top right corner of your screen.

  1. 3. Enter the User ID and Password that you created during your Web hosting purchase. Click here if you have forgotten your login information.
  2.  4. Click the My Products & Services tab.
  3. 5. Click My Security Products. The page appears that lists the details of your SSL Certificate.
  4. Note: If you have more than one SSL Certificate in your account, then click a package name to see the details for each SSL Certificate.
  5. 6. Assign the domain to which the SSL Certificate will be associated.
    1. Note: The Domain Name is the specific host name used for the secure section of your website and is the specific name your SSL certificate will be issued to. To configure your SSL Certificate with a Sub Domain other than "www", type over the "www" with your desired Sub Domain.
      • SSL certificates are commonly issued to the sub domains such as "www", "secure" or possibly "mail".
      • If you prefer to have your SSL Certificate issued without a Sub Domain assigned to it, remove the "www" from the Sub Domain field and leave it blank.
    3. For example, the following names are acceptable:—for Wildcard certificates:
      • *
    1. Note: If Network Solutions provides hosting services for your website, a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) will be generated and submitted for you.
    2. >Instructions for Other Hosting—If you selected other hosting and your website is hosted by a provider other than Network Solutions® you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), A Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is your website's unique identifier from which your SSL Certificate is created. A CSR is generated from the software platform used by your website.
      • If you are hosting your own website or using another hosting provider, then contact your Web hosting network administrator and ask them to generate a CSR for you.
      • Identify the software platform and version of the Web server.
    1. Important: You must ensure that the domain name is accurate. If not, then your website visitors will receive an error indicating that your Certificate does not match the domain name. Providing an inaccurate name may require that you repeat the order process.
  6. If you’re hosting with Network Solutions, you will not need to provide a CSR.
  7. If you’re not hosting with Network Solutions, you will need to provide a CSR.
  8. 7. In the following fields, enter the validation information.

  • We cannot begin the validation process until all information is provided.
  • We cannot issue your SSL Certificate until the validation process is completed.
  • Once we have received all required documents the validation process will take one to five business days based on the SSL Certificate purchased.
  • For Xpress SSL Certificates, the validation process is nearly instantaneous.

  1. Note: Issuance time of validation is based on type of SSL you purchase (Domain Validation, Organizational Validation, or Extended validation).

  1. If you need answers to a question, our experts are available to answer your questions at 1-877-228-1023.
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