Windows 10 Mail is included with Windows 10. Follow the steps below to set up Windows 10 Mail:

1. Open Windows 10 Mail. You are greeted with a Welcome panel. Click Get Started. On the following panel, click  + Add account.

Note: If you already have an account configured, you will not be presented a Welcome panel. Instead, select Settings >  Accounts >  Add account.

2. Click Advanced setup.

3. From the Advanced setup panel, click Internet email.

4. Reference the settings table below to enter all the required settings. Then click Sign-in.
Settings Required Information
Account name Used to reference the account within the Mail program.
Your name Enter the name you would like to be displayed in the from field when somebody receives your email.
Incoming email server mail.<> 
Account type Select POP3 or IMAP4
Email Address Enter your full email address.
User name Your the full email address of the email box that you are currently setting up.
Password Enter the password that you set when you created the mailbox in your account manager.
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)


For customers:

Outgoing server requires Authentication Checked
Use the same username and password for sending email Checked
Require SSL for incoming email Unchecked
Require SSL for outgoing email Unchecked

Note: It is recommended that you also select Remember Password unless multiple users have access to your profile on your computer.


5. Your initial setup is completed. Click Done to complete your setup.

Your email account is now set up. You may begin using Windows 10 Email.