Answers to the following, common questions will help you understand the ActiveSync product before you begin syncing email to your mobile device.

What Is ActiveSync?

ActiveSync is an add-on product to your email that allows you to sync mobile devices to your Webmail to seamlessly integrate your messages, calendar, and contacts.

What Settings Do I Need to Use to Set Up ActiveSync?

The following settings are required to set up ActiveSync on your mobile device:

Setting Exchange/ActiveSync
Email Address The email address that you are setting up.
Domain or Exchange Server Typically left blank
Incoming Mail Server / Server Address mail.<>
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) smtp.<> 
Use Secure SSL Connection Checked
Username Your Full Email Address 
Password The password that you set up when you first created the mailbox.

Does ActiveSync Also Sync Messages and Folders?

Yes. Your messages and folders will be synced regardless of whether your mailbox is POP or IMAP capable.

Will All of the Contacts and My Calendar on My Phone Now Appear in My Webmail?

Any contacts or calendar entries that were added after ActiveSync was set up will sync up to the Webmail. You will be able to log into Webmail and see them. However, any items that existed on your phone before you set up ActiveSync will not sync up to the server.
One exception to that is with iPhone contacts or calendars that are synced with iCloud rather than saved to the device. ActiveSync will not sync any information that is stored with iCloud rather than locally on the device.